Can you do some alterations on the spot?
Sure can, some alterations can be done on the spot within 40 minutes, just drop it off before you go and do other things.
Where are the nearest parking areas?
We are located on 606 King St Newtown 2042 near St Peters end. Nearest parking spots are on:
King St
Dickson St
Holmwood St
Please see category under "contact & directory" where theres a map showing nearest parking spots as well as trading hours and general information about our store.
There are many people who claim to do alterations, what makes your store any different?
We are dedicated Tailoring and Alteration store, meaning we devote our skills set and time on our core specialties and don’t do anything else like dry cleaning or attempting to fix shoes.
If I want to get pants / jeans taken up, should I bring my shoes?
Absolutely, bring the shoes that you would wear or the shoes that you believe you will wear most with your trousers or jeans and we will measure against those. It’s not necessary to bring many pairs of shoes.
I’ve got an item with a broken zip, should I buy a zip before bringing it in?
No you don’t need to unless you want to. If we accept the work, we will source, supply and install the zip, so you don’t end up wasting a lot of time trying to source the zipper yourself.